Thursday, October 13, 2011

Botox Before and After Pictures 3

The three most common areas for cosmetic treatment with Botox are the forehead, the glabella (area between the eyebrows), and crow's feet. Below is an example of an outstanding result for wrinkles on the forehead. The patient is attempting to raise his eyebrows in all pictures. Usually several injections are made over the forehead to relax the thin but broad muscle.

The next picture is an example of another great result, this time in the glabella. This patient is attempting to frown in all six pictures. Generally five to seven injection points are made in this area. While the area is not as large as the forehead, this muscle is large and requires a good dose for relaxation.

The picture below is another of the glabella, but this time a side view. Here you can see the bulge formed when the muscle is contracted is smoothed out after treatment. Again, the patient is attempting to frown in both pictures.

The other common area of treatment is the crows feet which appear around the eye when people smile or squint. Great results can also be obtained in this area. Because of the rich blood supply in this area, it is the most common place to get bruises after treatment. Bruises are temporary and the risk is minimized by placing ice over the area for a few minutes several times a day. Below is a before and after of a smiling patient who got great results. Treatment in this area can also give a cosmetically desirable lift to the outer part of the brow which is subtle yet evident in these pictures. In these areas anywhere from one  to six injections are made.


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